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Aura – Dennis Lloyd Lyrics 2019

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“Aura” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Aura
Artist: Dennis Lloyd
Release Date: 5 Apr 2019
Record Label: SME (on behalf of Arista Records)

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I gave you everything
You gave me nothing for what I have done
I gave you everything
You gave me reasons
Oh baby I’m done

You had no aura
I had no wings
You had your troubles
and I had my things
I wrote you a letter
“Dear future wife,
You’ve brought the emptiness into my life”

I’m on my own
I’m better alone
And now that you’re gone
I feel alive

When you hold me like that
When you touch me like that
When we f**k, oh when we f**k..

I’m burning myself
and I’m hurting myself
When we f**k, oh when we f**k.

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