Dance in life lyrics– Jonny Human

Dance in life lyrics– Jonny Human

Dance in life lyrics

Life’s a mystery
Feel it as it breathes
Walk your own way
With all your grace
Sing in harmonies
Hear the melodies

When times are tough
When it’s not enough
Through every
Trouble and trial

Don’t be afraid
To be too much
Don’t be afraid
Of your wanderlust
Don’t be afraid
To love and to trust
Don’t be afraid
That you’re not enough

Make your mistakes
And learn from them
Keep your outtakes
And yearn for them

Sing out your heart
Till your dying days
Dance all your art
To your perfect pace

Times will change
And people too
Times of pain
May come upon us too

But no matter where you’ve gone away
I will be here
Be here to stay

Always know
That I thank you for all you are
No one can make you something you aren’t
Your unshaken spirit
Reminds me how
To dance in life
And be here nowww

Dance in life – Jonny Human lyrics

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