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Eulogy (Dax Diss) – Crypt Lyrics 2019

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“Eulogy (Dax Diss)” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Eulogy (Dax Diss)
Artist: Crypt
Release Date: 14 Jun 2019
Record Label: Crypt

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Verse 1:
Welcome to Dax’s Eulogy
He practically passed the noose to me
This is what happens when you get confused and shoot at a true MC
Who’s this dude think he’s fooling? He’s just fueling me stupidly
Guess its true since you used an extra year to get that school degree
We both graduated back in 2013
But you’re a year older
I guess it was harder than it seemed
Retarded don’t honor your mind state
Must be toking that Spice laced
This bitch’s diss left me bored to death for Christ sake
So I heard you had some words for me written down in a scheme
5 months after the fact, lets recap, to see what he means
He trashed me behind my back, he half assed his verse on my track
Even though I gave him the cash, that he asked for to make the rap
And then I put his ass on blast, for being fake as his chain that said Dax
And now he’s aiming my way claiming I attacked, what is that?
Damn right I did
This a walk in the park
And I’m suppose to bag up shit
Left by bitches, so let the carnage start
People tweeting me telling me that I gotta go see
What Dax said, so like you I had to take a Lil Peep
And what I did see? A bunch of sheep, counted so much I fell asleep
Someone tell this G when you diss me don’t do so carelessly
And now I think about it its funny how we all sleep
Dax with his painted toes tucked up under his sheets
Cuddled up with bundles of money he scammed for on some beats
His ex sleeps with everyone
And all of y’all sleeping on me
Dax mad I ain’t accept his fake apology
Acting like I’m Tory Lanez the way he said I’m sorry G
Said he wants to make a make up track with me and Scru
But I told him screw you, I don’t fuck you dude
Said he was praying for my family when my grandmother died
Posted in my comments 2 weeks after her soul went to fly
Acting like hes a saint to gain grace in the public eye
But ain’t say shit to me and had my number the entire time
His heads so far up his ass its why he thinks he’s the shit
Cause every time he spits fecal matter drips from his lips
Get him a cat scan, cause this pussy’s brain needs some help
Funny how I’m the fat man but you’re the one full of himself
You wanna say your freestyles are off the dome and that’s lame
The only thing undrafted is you when you went for the NBA
Say you’re better than me like it is a brag and a boast
But we’ve been on two tracks together – I outrapped you on ’em both
Let’s talk about all these verses you reusing thinkin’ you’re hard
For someone so fit you sure are fuckin lazy with the bars
You stole the name of your diss and acted like it’s OG
But homie, we know that Daniel likes to steal low key
And Daxnos was a trash diss filled with bad jokes
And Dax knows his ass is grass if he lashes forth
And Dax nose is filled with burned marks from all the coke that he snorts to cope that his ass is alone

I’ll take your D, chop it off with whats left of your name
Give you this L, so you can put it right there in it’s place
And that’s the only way you’re fly, how’s that for word play?
Dax I can promise you that you don’t wanna play this game

And now you wanna bitch that rap too fast
Well shut the fuck up and listen Dax
And if you even attempt to do what I can
You’ll fail like you have as a Dad
Oh snap, that’s what you told us in she cheated again
So either you lied about that, or you’re lying about this
Do you even have a kid? Or was that shit fabricated from thin air?
Tryna get sympathy from a fake story you fibbed there
Medusa lookin ass, stone faced, emotionless, stiff glares
He’s so much of a snake that they took the place of his hair
Now snap me out of existence like you said that you would
I’ll come back with everything I have and that won’t be good
Do we need to talk about that night in 2012 in Nashville
Or maybe refer to it as suckin’ dick for Cash-ville
7 figures to flex
How quickly bitches forget
You were begging for checks in 2017 to pay rent
Acting so rich but your apartment it ain’t even furnished
Fuck a casket, I’ma burned his ass to ashes cause you earned it
Kendra cheated, she’s not your Butler, so she wouldn’t wait
But the entire time you were texting her friend Jayce
And had the hots for Janae, her own sister, Big Play
You back at it like a bad habit, being a snake
This shit ain’t new to you, you’ve been a liar your whole life
And got mad at me when I brought your true colors to light
Assassinate your character? Bitch I just revealed the shit
When you got 10 different artists with the same story, you’re a dick
You wanna hate on YouTube Rappers but shit now you need us
People at those shows don’t know you they there for Techa N9na
So put our names in the title, call it a diss to get those numbers
And don’t be a bitch, tips from one YouTuber to another

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