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Hollow Jubilee – Johnathan Rice Lyrics 2019

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“Hollow Jubilee” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Hollow Jubilee
Artist: Johnathan Rice
Release Date: 19 Apr 2019
Record Label: Johnathan Rice

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[Verse 1]
How my fingers found you so quickly in the dark
Hardly strictly business speaking from the heart
On the bathroom sink, I lifted up your skirt
How was I to know just how badly I’d get hurt
Everyone was talking backwards, drowning on their feet
I noticed how the rose was clenched too tightly in your teeth
We were spoiling for a fight, the special way we’d flirt
I dragged you to the garden, we did it in the dirt

You pretend to be you, I’ll pretend to be me
And I’ll see you at the hollow jubilee

[Verse 2]
In a post orgasmic haze, sometimes some truth escapes
When the pressure is relieved, one can relive the better days
When we were as one, you thought I was too young
Now sometimes you feel something else when the chill of evening comes

You pretend to be you, I’ll pretend to be me
Hiding at the hollow jubilee

[Verse 3]
Our loves lies in repose and everybody knows
You weave the fabric of your life into your onstage clothes
I always pictured you and me growing old disgracefully
But now I see the club’s sold out and there’s no room for me

There’s a blindfold for you and a mirror for me
Hanging at the hollow jubilee
So, you pretend to be you, I’ll pretend to be me
When I see you at the hollow jubilee

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