Lil Motorola Lyrics – Ramirez

Lil Motorola Lyrics Ramirez
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Lil Motorola – Ramirez Lyrics 2018

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“Lil Motorola” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Lil Motorola
Artist: Ramirez
Release Date: 15 Mar 2019
Record Label: Buffet Boys

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Hold up, wait a f*****g second let me puff up on a spliff
Thunder striking down, watch ’em bleed just as the bullets hit
See me making plays in the cut, Motorola flip
Open up the pit and break a motherfuckin’ jaw, b***h
Twelve gauge shotty, grey decapitate
I’m that motherfucker you don’t want to play or hate
I don’t lock you with the choppa, b***h, I’ll bust yo’ dame
Pussyboy, you best be praying that you don’t make mistakes

Grey*59, let it rain blood, it’s a grey flood
Open up my mouth, and you can see the gold slugs
F**k 12, I ain’t postin’ bail, let me rot in hell
I can shake the earth, and be the reason that the ocean’s swell
Let it be known, you can’t f**k with us
Pull up with the squad and turn you into dust
You a p***y motherfucker, someone not to trust
B***h, I’ll pull up with a nina, watch that motherfucker bust

B***h, I’m on the run from all the cops so watch us lay low
Trigger finger itchin’ and I do it for the peso
Drop it off and make it quick when I come through and say so
Stinging like a bumblebee and leave you with a halo
Knockin’ off yo block set up shop make yo body flop
Inside of the bucket with the chop scopin’ out the job
Tearing up the club bring the ruckus boy this s**t dont stop
Gripping on the Glock, pickin’ locks watch a p***y drop

In the head, the walking dead
F**k all the feds, feed ’em lead
Paint your a*s red, leave me to death
I’ll watch you dread, take your last breathe
Under my shed is where you rest
One to the chest, I’m not too test
B***h, take caution, it’s the walking corpse right out the coffin
And we mobbin’, loadin’ up the Glock, proceed to robbin’
And you dodgin’, but these bullets coming ain’t no stoppin’
You flodgin’ punk a*s motherfucker, meet the rocket

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