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Mac Lethal sucks – Tom MacDonald Lyrics 2019

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“Mac Lethal sucks” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Mac Lethal sucks
Artist: Tom MacDonald
Release Date: 7 Jun 2019
Record Label: Tom MacDonald

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Gotta be hard finding time to perfect all your rimes at narcotics anonymous

Hy Dave, hy Dave, hy Dave
I’m not even trying
You don’t scare me at all
If you do a drive by, I win
It’s so cute when you rap
It’s like I’m watching my dad
Tryna use an Ipad
You should just gave it back
You’ve been sober for like 8 years
You’re the type of guy who can’t have 8 bears
Have a single drink and need to get some coco.. suck a d**k for a painkiller
You party animal, you bad boy, you’re a crazy sun of a gun

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