Madden flow Lyrics – Pardison Fontaine

Madden flow – Pardison Fontaine lyrics
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Madden flow – Pardison Fontaine Lyrics 2019

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“Madden flow” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Madden flow
Artist: Pardison Fontaine
Release Date: 17 Apr 2019
Record Label: Pardison Fontaine

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[Verse 1]
I been in the studio for 80 hours
I missed birthdays and baby showers
I wish I could do everything I want
And be everywhere at once, but I need crazy powers
Watch when you get the light, those are shady hours
That’s when niggas start poppin’ out the woodwork
You know they want a favor when they ask you, “Is you good?” first
I tell them, “Piss off”
I’m tryna make an album so good that everyone involved gon’ be rich off
Mama love could go and pay the crib off
Never been an exit, where the f**k them niggas get off?
I am the original, the sequel and the spin off
How the f**k y’all gon’ flex on me with some s**t that I lent y’all?
When I shoot, I catch a body and knock a limb off
Boy, you a worker, not a bi-doss
This is not a street you wanna cri-doss
This is the flow that had the kid up in Khaled’s crib with the kicks off
So… let them niggas starve, let them niggas starve, yeah, yeah
If he die, he die, he ain’t one of us
I just go, get the ball, go a hundred yards
Niggas know, Madden flow, I don’t punt at all, n***a

You know how niggas play Madden, it be like 4th and 35 and niggas still goin’ for it
N***a, that’s me, boy, I ain’t never puntin’, I’ma always go for it, n***a
Come up with this Hail Mary or somethin’, I’ma make a play, watch
Yeah, he a b***h and every n***a that’s with him ain’t s**t, though

[Verse 2]
Every time I miss a call, I was fuckin’
You don’t wanna see me end up with nothin’
Jump to conclusions, come up with somethin’
Question every girl that’s in my circumference
You question s**t like you Wonder Woman
You gotta, stop believin’ everything that you feel
And just ’cause you think it don’t mean that it’s real
S**t, I need an apology
You always bringin’ out this side of me
You act like bein’ with you is hittin’ the lottery
To the point where seein’ your tears don’t even bother me
You count my mistakes like they calories and point ’em out to me
You so busy tryna catch me in the wrong you ‘posed to be lookin’ out for me
F**k be goin’ on? You drunk off the Sutter Home
Not right now, not while I’m in the zone
Don’t you see a n***a out here tryna get this s**t off?
City got a ceilin’ on it, tryna get the lid off
Next, I’m too close for fake friends and new folks
Or old ones that said, “I’ma help” and blew smoke
I should’ve been cut ’em off, but they cheated death
Now I respond to their phone calls via text
Why they wanna do the most when they need it less?
They say, “Yo, it’s been a minute”, I’ma need a sec
Thought I been cut ’em off, but they cheated death
Watch folks do the most when you need ’em less

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