Make it Lyrics – Neffex Fight Back: The Collection

Make it – Neffex Fight Back: The Collection Lyrics 2018

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“Make it” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Make it
Artist: Neffex
Release Date: DECEMBER 6, 2018
Record Label: NEFFEX Music

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Deep down
I know I’m a fighter
deep down
i know my desires
everybody thinks that I’m just a liar
they don’t know what I got inside yuh
I’m the one to fight fire with fire
I’m the type who never lets me get tired
mess with me and they never will find ya
(im the type to pop off multiply up )
people tell me I won’t get it
they don’t know me cuz I’m cold winning
always in the 9th I close innings
always in my mind don’t know quitting
ima be the one that blows up in it
you gon be the one that shows up missing
ima be the one that knows my mission
you gon be the one with no ambition

Ima make you take it take it take it all back
you ain’t never gonna get me man I’m too fast
call me the juice that 40 yards dash
always look forward no never look back
I just the spit truth better listen to my facts
get me up in the booth and I put em all on blast,
when I spit truth they all listen to the wrath,
got nothin to lose so I put the pen to pad,
that’s what I do hard work always lasts
and the pain’s not an act no it hurts real bad
but you have to attack what you want to attract or you’re gonna look back and regret what you lack uh
everybody knows that’s a fact yea
I just want my words to impact yea
I just want my words to all last yea
not sorry if I put you on blast uh

they know just what they see on the outside
they don’t know just what I’m like on the inside
if you knew what I could do you’d watch your backside
if you knew what I could do you’d stay in at night
I’m the type of dude you don’t wanna f**k with
I’m the type of dude enough is enough b***h
I’m the type of dude who never gets complacent
I’m the type of dude who knows he’s gonna make it, I’ll make it

can’t escape from my thoughts like a blackhole
can’t escape from these thots and these assholes
too many people feeling entitled
too many people stayin idle
man I work every day for the title
and ima get it that thought is final
the way I think you could say is primal
kill or be killed im your rival
and I don’t lose no
ima be the one they choose tho
you gon be the one they lose hoe
way too busy hitting snooze bro
ima be the one to rise up in it
never gonna fall i fight till I get it
always stand tall got pride I’m grinning
I don’t really think I’ll ever find my limit.

And I know that they all wanna hate me
but they see me on the climb so they wait see
if I make it then they just might say b!
“you been doing so good brotha” k leave
I don’t wanna hear your words all the fake s**t
na I want my day oners who been patient
all the same people never been complacent
we been working hard man we on the same s**t
I’m not just a sinner I eat you for dinner
I’m not a beginner I’ll paint you a picture
i got a guitar at 8 played that s**t every day
no I was not that great figured out how to play,
learned how to change the beat learned how to rap and sing
passion is everything loved it throughout my teens
10,000 hours so I could be f*****g King hand me the crown or just get out my f*****g ring

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