Money Mitch Lyrics – P110 Mitch

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Money Mitch – P110 Mitch Lyrics 2019

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“Money Mitch” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Money Mitch
Artist: P110 Mitch
Release Date: 19 May 2019
Record Label: GRM Daily

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A n*gga like me man
I love the game, I love the hustle (I hear dat, I hear dat)
I be feeling like one of them ball playing n*ggas you know (For real)
You know, bird magic or something
You know a n*gga got dough
A nigga could leave the league
But if leave, the fans still gone love me man?

Verse 1 Mitch-
Swerving up the A roads, peas in my socks
Q’s in my balls, call me kano
Money money making mad trips (mad walks)
I remember the days, when we never had sticks

Like Stars give em shells like Cornwall
My n*gga wants the Glock
I part ex, for the door-door
Mad trappy it was awesome
Smashed out a pack, then its back to kings Norton

Money money manna mad trappy
Beat out, laughing on the m5 mad happy
Jump out gang I was mad slappy (tell her tell her tell her)
My whole line changed, when I grabbed cathy
Came up off a crack fiend
Without a trap team, I was doing road with my trap queen
Ten toes tryna find my last fiend
Im at the flats like I know one likkle gyal her name was maxine

Next out, I’m the best out
No reception on the m way, tryna hear was bens saying (I can’t hear ya)
And I’m tryna send a text out
Check it, The tt had them hurling
10 hours no ammie, I was puffing on a sterling

My trap game fleek up (fleek fleek fleek)
Eating bings with my feet up
Like a dj I beat dubs
Like Mitch I love the hustle
My plugs like Russell always hitting me with cheap grub

Gets rid of that, Asap nana dams
I was busting out the bando with hella grams
Trap snow on my j’s like avalanche
Bare sour man
Because I can sell a gram
Fuck it I got an a gram
Skippy with the words like an anagram (anagram)
Trapspot, my last spot was a mazza fam (madting)

Tryna get my lines up to four 9’s
I want four nines of four lines
And they’re all mine
Get it gone like Harry Potter (gone)
Im a proper shotter (proper)
In jail I was a happy shopper

Left the weed take the money nuh
Got him on a money run
Telling him you better bring my money come
Your bm had my gm’s in her drum
But I didn’t give her none
Telling her to fix up
Because its mixup every time my gmgs give her bun

I didn’t make a tune after pagans
If I don’t pay my bills who’s gonna pay them
In and out of town on a cool ting (CALM)
Get the pack then I slap it out
Likkle chatty mouth
Only talk up if you’re talking the full ting
My gmgs brought the bull to the bullring (remember)

Money money on a regular
Plug gave me a ball, now I’m stuck up in the premier
What a shame manna calling up my name like a cellular
Money money on a regular
Plug gave me a ball, now I’m stuck up in the premier
What a shame manna calling up my name like a cellular

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