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rip isotopes lyrics
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RIP – Isotopes Lyrics 2019

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“RIP” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: RIP
Artist: Isotopes
Release Date: 21 Apr 2019
Record Label: Dreambound

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Sinking into solitude

All of the people that I hold close
Are taking advantage of me the most
I turn my back, on all fake love
I turn my back, on those I trust
I’m turning back to what I always do
I’m slowly sinking into solitude

(So low, so low)

Don’t hold me up just to throw me down
I just can’t take this pressure on the ground
The rise and falls that twists me up in two
Have left me sinking into solitude

I need to find a way to rid my mind of pain
The voices echoing grim thoughts so deafening
Patience has run thin
I live with self doubt
These snakes have poisoned me
Cheers for the comedown


My light is dimming and I can’t seek direction. Without light
Find my light

Leave me here to sink
The depths, my home to think

I guess it goes to show I’m better off alone
So done with reasoning, just leave me here to sink
No light won’t make a sound
Found my home in the ground
Who will come look for me?
The depths I’ll rest in peace

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