Sab Lyrics – Imdontai

Sab Lyrics Imdontai
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Sab – Imdontai Lyrics 2018

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“Sab” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Sab
Artist: Imdontai
Release Date: 15 Mar 2019
Record Label: ImDontai

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D**k limousine, man I need a vaccine
‘Cuz I’m hotter than average, I call it a gadget
An alien a*s, I’m outta this planet
Address it to all that this track they be jammin’
On radio stations, this track is a disaster
I hold it back, all this laughs that I swear
30% of me tryin’ ain’t fair
F**k with a n***a and see how you fare
Box with fists, I box with lips
And uppercut opponent with the words
I been a n***a sick I’m really sick
I cough up phlegm and spit it up in tissue
Been you niggas try, niggas die, niggas fry
You can’t compare, multiply, look
You step to me, takin’ a risk
Start with no keys, man I’m pushin’ a whip
And I don’t need no friends and I don’t got no brothers
I’m close to a few and I don’t f**k with others
You bitches be fakin’, you phony, you posing
A wolf how you actin’ but a sheep with the clothin’
Majin Vegeta, I’m losing my mind
Screaming, “F**k every n***a that talk outta line!”
Huh, move around just like them bubbles
There’s always a group but you soft to the touch

And my pen make you move, see you silent as hell
When I walk in the room, watch how you speak
Stand on your feet, I’m a man
Pen burn the skin off my hand
I cop my drip from Japan
My money comin’ in bands
Green on me brody, I’m lookin’ like Broly
You really want problems, my n***a, then show me
You talk behind back, you gon’ act like the homie

Toasty, huh, she got the tongue of a Yoshi, huh
Thirsty like I’m Master Roshi
I’m lookin’ at titties and a*s but don’t roast me huh, wait, yuh
Posted on the wall just like a thumb tack, ow, uh
Watch a Nickelodeon or Rugrats, nuh
And they go “pattycake, pattycake” I will eradicate
Any being intervenin’
Anything that I am seeing
I am sickness, I am death
I am bullet to the chest
R.I.P. my n***a Rex
SAB jacket, they laughin’ at that s**t
As often they lackin’ as I am evolvin’
I’m drippy, I’m saucy
I turn my back on that b***h
Just like a car seat for infants, huh
X-men in all of my vivids, huh
Yo money look like a midget, huh
My s**t as long as a bridge is, huh
Wait, outlandish, huh
Hotter than where you be tanning
And offer advantage
You ain’t near my level at all
3-stock you easy, my dog, huh, wait, look
More like a student
I’m teaching you stupid a*s niggas who do this
That y’all are some booty
I’m through this, I’m moody
I direct the beat like a movie
Quentin Tarantino
Sharper than a needle, vinyl, huh
Watch out I pop up behind you, uh
I ain’t really wanna try you, huh
Murder and s**t is a cycle, yuh

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