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Spazzin out – Key Glock Lyrics 2019

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“Spazzin out” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Spazzin out
Artist: Key Glock
Release Date: 3 Jun 2019
Record Label: Key Glock

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[Verse 1]
First things first, never too much money
Im sippin on some purp, thumbing through these blue hundreds (Yah)
B***h, I aint tryna flirt, you gon let me f**k or somethin? Yah
Glizzock in her tummy, Im an animal, Jumanji, uh
Please dont run up on me, yeah, show me my opponent, yeah
You niggas jabronis, and I only dap you phony, yeah
You niggas dont want it, uh, gon and board little homie
All that bullshit, dont condone it, shoot you, Im an organ donor, yeah
If you play with me, b***h, Im goin out like Tony
Carbon in the front seat when Im riding round lonely
I get money in my sleep so I wake up money hungry
Told that b***h I play for keeps, you cant play me like no dummy
Key Glock, how you get the foreign?
B***h, backends off of touring
Where you put all of that money?
Damn, your bankroll enormous
I be shittin, I need some Charmin
I be killin all my targets
Smokin, smellin like I farted
Damn, I just funked up the party
Big pints, no bottles, uh, drinkin til tomorrow, yeah
Yeah, b***h I get dollars, uh, Im a don dada, yeah
Harlem GlobeTrotter, uh, shoot you and your partner, uh
Racks in my pocket got me walking with a wobble, yeah
Lean with it, rock with it
Sippin on some Wock (Hardt)
Motherfuck the cops, uh (N***a)
Tell em suck a cock, yeah
B***h I send shots, uh (N***a)
N***a I dont box
You know I cannot, not stop gettin this guap
I pulled up with the top off, made her panties drop, yeah
Fucked your future wife in my Gucci flip-flops
Talkin bout can she spend the night? B***h, kick rocks
Talkin bout can she spend the night? B***h, I think not, uh (What the f**k?)

Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
I be spazzin
You ready?
Ayy, this s**t sound so motherfuckin fire
Ayy, check this out, ayy

[Verse 2]
Dope boy s**t, got my Air Max on, yeah
Riding down the block, grippin on my chrome, yeah
You know what I got, b***h, my money long, yeah
B***h, its big Glock, these h**s love my songsss

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