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Story of Erica – Bmike Lyrics 2019

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“Story of Erica” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Story of Erica
Artist: Bmike
Release Date: 28 Apr 2019
Record Label: BMIKEMUSIC

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“Hey girl, what you doin?”
“Hey girl, I’m just with Jason right now.”
“Jason!? You still hangin with that bum?”
“He treats me good. Matter of fact, he’s cooking for me right now.”
“Pfft. Girl, when you gonna stop hangin with these broke ass dudes?”
“Why’s it always gotta be about the money?”
“Well, how he gonna take care of you then? Tell me that!”
“I mean-“
“My daddy buys me what I want, when I want, and how the fuck I want it! Believe that.”

[Verse 1]
These days, making love ain’t been fun
Cause making men cum has been her only income
21, Erica is barely 21
And for the dollar, she gon’ give it up for anyone
Red bottoms, she gon’ get them Louie Vuitton’s
Sugar daddy get whatever shoe she want
And if you gotta blue tick, she like “how you been?”
She even let a couple rappers hit it now and then
Boss mode! Erica in boss mode!
Hit the Gucci store, she ain’t even check the barcode
Oh shit, retail, therapy from retail
Another Venmo alert in her Gmail
All the other girls wanna ball out like Erica
LA to NY, Queen of America
But all of this can’t cover up what she has never told
Her uncle was abusing her since she was only 7 years old

“Our little secret honey. That’s a good girl. Who’s my favourite niece?”


“Girl! Where are you? What you doin?”
“Nothin. Just hopped off this jet, ha!”
“These rappers’ startin a party tonight. Wanna make some money?”
“I’m on my way!”

[Verse 2]
Twerk somethin’ hoe, you better twerk somethin’!
That’d be the motto that she lives by to earn something
They ain’t with the nonsense, so quit the nonsense
You think these guys have a conscience? They’re barely conscious! These dudes are bonkers!
Hotel suite that make it rain on Erica
She do what it take to make it pay for Erica
She only 21, damn, she act like a big girl
She looked him in the eye, then she winked, that’s a signal
Bathroom! Took him to the bathroom!
Erica give dome like a motherfucking vacuum
She said “Where the condoms? You better have the condoms!”
He say “I can’t find them! Is that a problem?” “Not a problem.”
Hitting from the back, thinking ‘damn he didn’t pay again’
She said “Better pull out like Abel, from H&M”
He said “You a good girl, who’ll zip it shut, aren’t you?”
And that’s the same thing her Unc told her every barbecue

“[?] tell me I was in that bad bitch”
“Man you crazy!”
“Bro it was just like, boom boom! Straight up, no condoms, just raw!”
“Oh, you hit that shit raw!?”


“Rob, I’m pregnant!”
“Fuck you mean you pregnant?”
“I mean I’m pregnant!”
“Oh, hell nah. Bitch, you a hoe! You know that shit ain’t mine!”
“Oh, hell nah, fuck you!”
“You’re the last dude I slept with!”
“Nah, hell nah!”
“Are you kidding me right now!?”
“Aight, whatever. Yeah, I’ll see you. Shit…”

[Verse 3]
Shit, it’s been two years, little man is growing up
But momma’s gotta cope without his daddy showing up
She can’t believe it, she’s gotta raise this kid unassisted
Thinking ‘here we go, another black daddy a statistic’
And she vowed she would never have a son or a daughter-
To a man with resemblance to her own fucking father
Shit, it’s crazy
She said “Who that at the door!? It better not be that nigga I was talking to before!
Cause I know that that man I was talking to before-
Doesn’t have the fucking nerve or the balls or the guts in his core-
To show his face on the front of my porch
Doesn’t wanna see his son or pay a cent in child support
But he wants to hit it raw!”
Then she opens up the door to see the father of her child
Socks her in the jaw
Says “You wanna make demands with this letter in my hand?
Who the fuck are you to try to put me on a stand!?
Shoulda went down to the clinic!”
And then she said “300 fucking dollars, that’s the cost to be a living- a living, breathing human?
Instead, you’re just assuming, how the fuck can you say that shit, he’s got your blood flowing through him!
Shit… You gonna mentally and emotionally leave him fucking ruined!
Do you even know the impact of the shit you doin? Try to make me understand!
Cause ain’t no way that in the mirror you can call yourself a man!”
(Oh shit)
He starts reaching for his waist
She gets up in his face, then he pulls a Glock 40 out, he doesn’t hesitate
“Move out the fucking way! It’s either him or both of you, so don’t make me choose your fate!”
And then…
Three shots without warning
Neighbours hear the screams from the yard ’cause the dogs keep on constantly barking
And he don’t make a sound
He can’t believe his eyes, he collapses to the ground
And he heard that crying-
For the first time in his life. Wished he could turn back time
“She said I ain’t a real man, she ain’t lying
Cause Lord I took her life, so in exchange take mine!
Little man, I’m sorry that I couldn’t make you happy
But trust me, you don’t want me as a daddy
I wish I could take it back, best believe I do
I took your momma’s life, now I’ma take mine too…”



This days makin’ love ain’t been fun
Cause makin’ man c*m is the only income
21, Erica’s barely 21
And for the dollar she’s gonna give it up for anyone
Run bottom she’s gonna get the blue Vuitton’s
Sugar daddy get whatever suit she want
And if you got a blue .. like how you’ve been
She even let a couple rappers hit it now and then

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