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Told on myself – FunnyMike Lyrics 2019

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“Told on myself” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Told on myself
Artist: FunnyMike
Release Date: 17 Apr 2019
Record Label: FunnyMike

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I think I told on myself in this song
When they locked me up
I know that ain’t comin’ home
(you gone for life)

The police lookin’ for gun
That I through in the river (it’s gone)
They’ll never get it (nope)
It’s swimming wit’ the fishes

The police never know that I be up in the beef
And I killed that n*gga last week on Sesame Street
Big bird was outside, that n*gga died too
I was questionin’ interrogation and I lied too
But the police be so stupid, bruh, so dumb
The evidence can be right in front of they face

They still ain’t know what happened
Came though swimin’ that static
Made the choppa do magic
I didn’t get to clean the bullets
Didn’t wear no glove or no hoodie
They still didn’t see me
My license plate they didn’t read it
Made n**ga disappear like genie

This syrup got me leanin’
I say, the syrup got me leanin’
I say, the syrup got me leanin’
Then told Travis Badass to hit they block
And go kill somethin’
He got on Instagram live and he killed somethin’
Instagram live and he killed somethin’
I mean this n**ga really was on Instagram live
Instagram live and he killed somethin

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