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Win or Die – Eon Lyrics 2019

Eon Win or Die

“Win or Die” Track Lyrics Information:-

Track Name: Win or Die
Artist: Eon
Release Date: 19 May 2019
Record Label: xKito Music

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[Intro: Tyrion Lannister]
Is this how justice is done in the Vale?
You accused me of crimes, I denied them
So you throw me in a cell to freeze and starve
Where is the king’s justice?
I am accused and demand a trial

[Verse 1]
Fire and blood, you win or you die
The winter coming so colder than sky
Call me Lord Snow like the wolf and the lion
Meet your pointy end when I stab you with the iron
I wanna sleep good in my castle
And keep my head high when I pass through
It’s lonely down Kingsroad
When a gold crown I don’t trust from the fold
So I live by the sword
Protect the rich, if I gotta kill the poor, it’s done
Tomorrow ain’t promised, leave it all to my son
Fool played the fool, make sure you eat crumbs
Learn to survive for scraps in the slums
Prepare for the night when the morning first come
And in the valley of the death only the strong prevail
Yeah, yeah

You lose if you break the rules
Kings do what they have to do
Shed blood, chased the fool
Rich or poor, which side you choose?

[Verse 2]
(Off with his head now)
The battle of good and evil is visible
The question was right or wrong, the spiritual
Kingdom is filled with spirits of misery
Blinded by the love ’til your fable becomes a mystery
History told in the books that we learn from
Fighting battles with axes and broken arrows
With the courage of God’s forgotten pharaohs
Only watch for the snakes that rattle
Baelor one known as the beloved
White walkers can never be trusted
Exile across the narrow sea
I spit fire like Khaleesi
You tried to pass that wall
Night watches, put bodies on the floor
Bloodstains on the wall
Game of thrones is all about war

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